Before doing lacrosse exercise, it would be better if you have the best lacrosse sticks for youth in order to support your activities while exercising. In addition, heating is also very important to avoid injuries or muscle cramps. Well, here are some warm-up ways you can do before actually doing the sport!

Walking is the easiest way to heat the body before the body begins to exercise. Take 5-10 minutes for a leisurely walk while moving your upper body or stretching. Walking will make the heart beat faster and ready for more severe physical activity.

Bending, twisting, stretching and stretching your legs and arms
Stretching by stretching and bending the hands and feet is already very common. This is done to familiarize muscles with spontaneous movements. With a count of 8×2 is performed alternately between left and right. Usually also followed by heating the head like nodding, looking up, shaking, and so forth.