Researchers from McGill University in Montreal, USA, say that listening to music makes our mood affected because the music makes the body produce dopamine. Increased dopamine in the brain that responds to music proves that humans get pleasure after listening to music. In addition, music is also can reduce the stress we are feeling. But if you feel you cannot cope with stress then it would be good if you ask for help from a trusted therapist that you can easily find at

Apart from that, there are several genres or types of music that you can listen to and everything will affect your mood. Here’s the review!

If you feel a little nervous or anxious, you may want to listen to blues music. The rhythm of his music can slightly slow down your heart rate and keep you calm.

Rock & punk
This music is energetic and can boost your mood. If you enjoy rock and punk music, your adrenaline and energy boost will be greatly improved. It makes you want to nod and prance!

Genre or type of music this one is suitable for you who often explosive emotions. Reggae is one of the genres of music that can soothe you. Some people say the reggae genre has a healthy music rhythm for the human heart, especially when listening to it while resting.