The main purpose of using braces is to tidy and flatten the teeth so that the teeth are easier to clean and able to function properly. You can visit orthodontist winnipeg to get the best dental care. Visit our website now to find out what we can provide for you. We have a skilled and experienced workforce, so you do not have to worry about the services you will get.

Here are some orthodontic options you can find:

– Traditional metal braces

Currently, these braces are the most widely used braces, the cheapest, but also the most easily visible braces. For traditional metal braces, the patient does not have to wait when he/she wants to wear braces. Once the patient makes a decision, treatment can be started immediately.

– Clear or ceramic braces

Many patients do not like the appearance of traditional metal braces that are unsightly, and this has paved the way for more invisible choices, such as braces or ceramics that mimic the natural color of teeth. These braces are more expensive than traditional metal braces, but because these braces use brackets, these braces can move teeth faster than the dental appliance.

– Invisalign

Invisalign transparent gear calculator is still newly used in the orthodontic field. This treatment uses a number of specially designed plastic tooth graders to push the teeth slowly to the expected position. Each treatment requires about 18-30 dental appliances. Each dental appliance will be used for about 2 weeks before being replaced with the next dental appliance. Invisalign is a good alternative for those who are worried about the beauty factor of braces, but the ability of Invisalign is also very limited and can not solve severe dental problems. Today, it is also the most expensive orthodontic option. If a patient decides to use Invisalign, the next step is a diagnostic consultation, where a dental mold will be created to prepare a dental setter.