If you want a computer and your funds to buy a limited computer, you can buy a คอมมือสองราคาถูก computer. Used computer quality is not inferior to a new computer: because usually, people sell used computers, among others:

The person wants to have a better Computer.

Many people do not understand, they think if the OS system is damaged then the computer is damaged so they sell the computer.

When we buy used computers, at least 1 or 2 components that do not work, so we can buy these components with cheaper price again.

Advantages of Buying a Used Computer

The price is cheaper

We can modify our computer for the better

We can learn in advance from these used computers so that someday when our funds where we buy a new computer we already understand very well to take care of our computer.

We can make used computers become a means of testing to improve our ability.

Tips to buy your used computer can follow the following ways:

In addition to checking their offer on Mother Boardnya and its processor, you should also check the computer in detail as shown below.

  1. Check the completeness of the computer, such as:

Monitor, see if the monitor is working normally, such as check brightness, its sharpness, etc.

Check the keyboard, whether all the touch keyboard keys work or not

Check Mousenya, whether the mouse is working or not.

Check the USB Terminal2 by inserting the Flash Disk into the USB Terminal, whether USB can read or not

For inspection ask in turn on the computer.

  1. Check whether the specifications of the Compatible Computer are on offers such as the amount of Memory and Speed ​​Processor Capacity


Go to Bios Setup, then check the completeness of all equipment

By the way, enter to windows, then right click My Computer, then click Properties, it will look spec from computer

  1. Check the condition of Hardisk

Physically hard drives cannot check whether there are bad sector or not, but you can check it by running the program, if there is bad sector then most likely damage the hard drive will enlarge and over time will be damaged.