SEO is a technique that is used by many businesses to market their products and make an increase in their website traffic. One that can make SEO techniques with good quality is Jasa SEO Jakarta. With good and proper SEO will make you have good internet marketing and improvement on the company website.

SEO that you use will be directly related to search engines on the internet. That way, you must know what is called a search engine rank. If you know it, then you will easy to understand how an SEO and keywords work for your website.

When a person searches for a keyword by using a search engine, the search engine will display thousands of results found in the database owned by it. The page rank will be measured by the position of the web page displayed in the search engine results. If your web page can be placed by search engines in the first position, then your website page will be number one and is considered as the highest ranking page. SEO is a process that designs and develops a website to achieve that warning.