Choosing the right game for children is a matter of concern for every parent. It is intended that the development of children can run properly as it should. One example of games that can increase stimulation and motor in children is the game building blocks for kids. In addition, there are several other games that can help develop your child’s brain. Well so you do not choose wrong, consider some of the principles below first!

1. Principle of Productivity
Educative games should be able to develop productive attitudes in children as users and players in the game itself. Must be educational for positive activities for children.

2. Activity Principles
Educative games should be able to develop an active attitude in children. Games that are used and can be applied directly to the child (students are directly involved).

3. Principles of Effectiveness and Efficiency
This principle becomes the benchmark of the educational game effect used. Games used can be made from unused materials (recycled).

4. Principle of Creativity
Through the game, children are expected to be able to design something new and different and lead to satisfaction in children. Games can cause children creatively in carrying out an activity.

5. Principles of Educating with Fun
Educative games should pay attention to the child’s ability. So it can produce a positive activity and can please the child so that the game used is not boring.