As a provider of digital marketing services, there may be questions asked by some of our clients. Like “How long does it take to get ranked 1 for my keywords?” The answer may not be as simple as the question itself from the understanding of SEO in the past. It’s good to know the answer “how long does SEO start affecting on Google?” Or it could be that question changes with other questions that are more appropriate for your business.

In addition to SEO, there are actually other ways to improve your website ranking in search engines. One of them is with the help of Spinjutsu that can help you to generate unique content or article marketing content so as to attract the interest of the readers and make it the top ranking on Google.

It used to be SEO strategy is to identify the keywords that are most relevant to your business. The goal is to get a lot of visitor traffic in less competitive areas. You used to know 5-10 “golden keywords” and will bring the majority of visitor traffic to your website. When someone comes to us and says “I have 1 for these and such keywords,” we think they’re stuck in that paradigm.

Old Way of SEO
That keyword strategy is not very relevant to current SEO techniques. That’s because there are exceptions to unique and new things, so there is no longer a single keyword target or a small group of keywords that can bring a lot of visitors to your website. The most recent SEO way is prioritizing “long tail keywords”. The bottom line is that if you focus on a small group of generic keywords, you may not be found by most people looking for you. Please also read about keyword research and feasibility analysis.

New Way of SEO
SEO today is increasingly influenced by natural language searches, that is, people who do more searches like the usual questions of two or three keywords. Suppose we are looking for “shirt screening services” of course this should be more specific. Because geography Google also “query” search results based on location closest to the information seeker. This is just one of the updates of SEO today, there are many other changes that increasingly sophisticated.