What is Z? Z is an abbreviation from Z Med Clinic. It is an internet medical clinic based in Texas, with four centers spread across Texas, two clinic center in Houston and one clinic center each in Corpus Christi and The Woodlands. Z Med Clinic offers healthcare services which include weight management, cosmetic procedures, IV infusion therapy, family healthcare services and other healthcare treatment. Z Med Clinic provides best medical equipment to support our professional doctor for examining patient health condition. The accurate result helps a professional doctor to suggest the best treatments to recover and improve patient health condition. Z Med Clinic is known as one on one discussion program. One on one discussion program is a direct program between patient and doctor to discuss the most effective and possible treatment options for patient’s health problem. You can discuss everything with your doctor including cost and risk of each possible treatment and decide your best options through our professional doctor and healthcare suggestion. These will help you save some money from unnecessary health treatment which may cause other health problem for your body.

‘Z’ weight management program is the first medical weight loss clinic in Houston, Texas. Our weight management program made differently for each patient. It is made based on your current body condition and capability to achieve your body goals with effective and healthy way. It also teaches you to maintain your body goals in a healthy way. No need to neither starve nor exercise extensively to achieve your body goals, balance your food consumption and exercise activities and improve your health condition. One hit and you can achieve two results! Do not hesitate and contact us through our e-mail and phone number. Get your dream body and improve your health with us, be healthy with Z!