Choose a carpet that is easy to clean
The risk of carpet stains must be bigger because the carpet is in the dining room. So choose the carpet that the easiest material to clean. Although not stained, you also have to keep diligent cleaning the dining room carpet at

Align it with a table shape
The form of the table was also one of the tricks when wanting to choose a carpet in the dining room. This is easy to follow because you only need to adjust it to the dining table. Suppose your dining table is rectangular, choose a rectangular carpet.

Choose a flat carpet feather
Do not choose a carpet with thick fur, you better choose small and short hairy carpets. This will reduce the risk of damage because the carpet will always rub against.

The carpets were dark
Well if confused to determine the color, just choose dark colors such as dark brown or dark red. In addition, it will make the room look warm, dark colors also avoid the carpet looks dirtier.