You must sometimes difficult to distinguish between notebook and laptop, right? both do have the same physical shape when viewed. However, it actually has some differences. This difference is what will be discussed in this article. Previously, we must know where we will do reparation on the notebook we have in case of damage. You can visit notebook repair singapore at Queen Street, Singapore. BreakFixNow will help you solve the problems that occur in your notebook.

Differences in notebooks and laptops should also you know to make no mistake when buying it.

1. Differences in Screen Size. Physically, the two objects have differences on the screen. Laptops have a larger screen size with 18-inch size, while the notebook has a screen size 13-18 inch. Laptops usually also have a weight size of 3-5 kg, while the notebook is only about 1-2 kg.

2. RAM size. RAM on laptops has a bigger size compared to notebook RAM. However, there are currently some notebook products that already have the same RAM size as the laptop.
3. DVD Room. This is the most noticeable difference. Laptops have DVD Room devices, while notebooks do not have such devices.