The main reason most people use watches or watches is a timepiece. But there are differences in form, model, brand, and additional features that make a particular watch more preferable than others. Well, whatever you choose, the options can be simplified into just two categories: digital watches and analog watches. Meanwhile, you can also check out best triathlon watch if you’re looking for a sporty watch.

This simplification can make it easier for enthusiasts to find as much information as possible about what designs, features, advantages, and disadvantages of digital or analog clocks etc. After that, they can consider and decide what the best and most suitable watches for them.

Digital watch

The digital watch displays the hours, minutes and even seconds on the electronic display. Many digital watches are equipped with features such as a stopwatch, alarm, calculator, other calendar functions, even GPS. Digital clock rates vary from cheap to expensive depending on the material of manufacture and completeness of features.

Analog watch

The analog clock features a clock face in the form of 12 repetitive clocks, equipped with clock, minute hand and seconds hand. Some are with Arabic / traditional numeric pointer as well as Roman numerals. Most analog watches have a special mark that represents 60 minutes in an hour. Analog clocks have a traditional impression and are available in a variety of models and prices. In general, digital watches have more features than analog clocks, but many analog watches also have advanced functions.

How to choose a digital or analog watch

The decision in choosing between digital and analog watches is influenced by personal styles and preferences. So after obtaining adequate information about some of the watches, it’s good for potential customers to put personal consideration into deciding the best watch that suits them best. Of course by not denying the views and considerations of people closest.

Consideration of watch setup

Setting or setting of a digital watch is done by pressing a special key in a specified manner. How to set up and step by step it has been listed in the manuals that are included at the time of purchase. Those who choose digital watches must adhere to the way the settings are listed in the manual.