Red tea has superiority in terms of vitamin C and antioxidant nutrients as well as other active substances such as iron, riboflavin, vitamin A and arginine which has a very good function to rejuvenate the skin cells so that red tea redness for beauty and health is very important and useful. Meanwhile, you can also see find the best digital product which helps your diet.

Expert research on the efficacy of red tea:

1. Able to lift the effects of free radicals.

In 2006 there was a research that agriculture institute in Asia mentions to get high antioxidant substances you only need to dredge 3 seeds of rosella bug which become red tea material that has been dried into a glass of boiling hot water. The routine consumption will be able to counteract the effects of free radicals so that your body’s health condition will be maintained and not easily attacked by disease.

2. Proven efficacious as an effective anti-cancer.

Another study cited the dry rosella flower extraction process at 51 degrees over a period of 36 hours, then brewed 3 grams of its extraction into hot water. Then dissolving on a spectrophotometer vessel was able to produce 52% antossianin and antioxidant by 24%. This proves rosella has a high effectivity as an anti-cancer.

3. Benefits of red rosella flowers to lower high blood pressure.

Research data conducted by experts from Iran, H. Tarkhani and H. Faraji produced data that Rosella has a useful hypotensive function that is useful both in lowering blood pressure in hypertension disease.

4. Routine shade red rosella drink improves the immune system.

Antioxidants, vitamin C, and flavonoids have a very significant function in preventing free radicals destroy the order of body metabolism so that diligently drink rosella flowers will increase the body’s immunity to the susceptibility of various types of diseases.

5. The benefits of Rosella to lose weight.

Instead of drinking a cup of red rosella water, it can shed excess body fat, control bad cholesterol so it is very good as a regular menu of diet programs or weight loss.